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CS 4235A / 8803 IIS

Introduction to Information Security

This course provides a one-semester overview of information security.
It is designed to help students with prior computer and programming
knowledge --- both undergraduate and graduate --- understand this
important priority in society today.  The technical content of the
course gives a broad overview of essential concepts and methods for
providing and evaluating security in information processing systems
(operating systems and applications, networks, protocols, and so on).
In addition to its technical content, the course touches on the
importance of management and administration, the place information
security holds in overall business risk, social issues such as
individual privacy, and the role of public policy.

The course will be organized around a few broad themes:

  • Foundations: security mindset, essential concepts (policy, CIA, etc.)
  • Software security: vulnerabilities and protections, malware, program analysis
  • Practical cryptography: encryption, authentication, hashing, symmetric and asymmetric crypto
  • Networks: wired and wireless networks, protocols, attacks and countermeasures
  • Applications and special topics: databases, web apps, privacy and anonymity, voting, public policy

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